Alexander Brenner - Villas and Houses 2010-2015

Das Buch Alexander Brenner – Villas and Houses 2010-2015 ist beim Verlag ausverkauft und auch bei Amazon nicht mehr lieferbar.

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The book Alexander Brenner – Villas and Houses 2010-2015 is sold out at the publisher and also on Amazon it is no longer available.

However, we have bought back books from international distribution and can therefore now offer signed copies for the price of € 98.00 plus € 5.00 shipping costs within Germany.
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In 2018 Alexander Brenner created two new designs for Listone Giordano, the famous italian manufacturer of wooden flooring.
The first of the two designs to be produced is Between, which will be available from early 2019.
Between is a melange from brass and oak, inspired by the stars.
A treatment with a water-based reactive stain which reacts with the natural tannic acid of the oak results in a deep, warm, greyish hue.
Wood and brass, a liaison between contrasting materials merged in a serene lightness reminds us of earlier times.
Inspired by the starry sky, by used barrique barrels, by old parquet with inlays it appears familiar and yet it`s brand new in this way.

Between was first presented in Berlin, November 2018.

06.11.2017  Alexander Brenner beim AN:STOSS des BDA Architekturnovembers

Zum Auftakt des Architekturnovembers 2017 des BDA Baden-Württemberg diskutieren 5 Stuttgarter Architekten über das Thema “Stuttgarter Schulen: Architektur zwischen Pietismus und Passion“.
Mit dabei sind Fritz Auer, Arno Lederer, Tobias Wulf, Peter Ippolito und Alexander Brenner.

Moderiert wird die Veranstaltung von Petra Stephan und Uwe Bresan, AIT.

Montag, 06. November 2017
Kath. Kirche St. Maria, Tübinger Straße 36, 70178 Stuttgart
20:00 Uhr, Eintritt frei

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